Web design

Design and development:

Design and development

We produce high quality, standards-compliant websites from designs that are individually developed using a combination of HTML, CSS and PHP.

We can build all types of site, depending on your requirement, from simple brochure-style websites to blogging sites, eCommerce online stores, forums or user-editable content management systems.

Accessible, usable and visually attractive

We utilise responsive layouts so that our designs are scalable and flexible to work in all devices from mobiles and tablets to wide-screen monitors. We develop using standards-compliant code so that our sites are accessible in all browsers, new and old.

Our sites are designed to be easy to use so that viewers can quickly find what they need, and are presented with the information in a simple yet attractive and engaging style.

Internet marketing:

Internet marketing

Search engine optimisation

Search engine optimisation is the process of increasing a webpage's visabiliy in the unpaid results section of a search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo).

All our websites are designed to be search engine friendly using a combination of the most effective SEO techniques.

We are aware of how important it is for your website to rank in as high a position as possible. We start optimising your site to be search engine friendly from the earliest point in its development stage to give it the best possible chance of success in the search engines.

Website statistics available

Review reports covering how many times your site has been viewed, how many of those views were unique visitors and the country that they viewed the site from. Find out which of your pages are the most popular and when viewers are leaving a page immediately.

We can also create reports to show you how users found your web pages, i.e. from a search engine, via a link from another site or direct traffic.

From these reports, we can tweak and improve your pages to gain more visitors and to direct those visitors to the most relevent content.

Graphics and multimedia:

Graphics and multimedia

We can create bespoke graphics and other multimedia content that you want to be included in your site. We can also utilise stock image sites to source some of the more obscure imagery and other material that is difficult to recreate.

We can develop the site alongside other multimedia such as interactive Adobe Reader files (PDF) to create a visually attractive site that stands out from usual static design.

Sites can easily be designed to dovetail with your current branding and any other media campaigns you may have.

Domain registration and website hosting:

Domain registration and website hosting

Many clients will already own a website (domain), along with associated email addresses and a place (web server) that hosts the site.

For those that don't yet have an existing website, it is important to choose the right name that fits your image or brand, as well as selecting the best extension (.com, .uk). We can help you to choose, make some suggestions and check for their availability. Once this is determined we can then purchase and register your domain for you.

We can also offer a range of web hosting packages as well as configure any email accounts that you require.


At Fourwest Media, we specialise in web design and development. We have an excellent knowledge of web markup languages and coding utilities (HTML, XML, CSS, PHP, WordPress, Drupal).

How we work:

Please see our page 'how we work' to find out more about our development process and how we turn your initial thoughts and ideas into a fully fledged website.

How we work

Customer service:

Customer service

Our business is based on providing the best customer service possible.

Customer service is a priority to us; our aim is to ensure we provide you with a design that fulfils all of your expectations as well as guiding you toward the most appropriate design by using our knowledge of the industry.

As we are a small design studio, we can provide the type of support that the larger agencies cannot give. Once we have established your requirements we won't simply pass you on to the next department. We communicate with you at key stages for your thoughts and approval to make sure that the site is exactly the way you expect.

When you need to speak us, we are always available to answer your e-mails or phone call, and you will be speaking directly to the designer and not a sales or admin assistant.

Maintenance and support:

Maintenance and support

We can assist in all aspects of the development of your website including hosting your website, domain name registration and the long term maintenance of your site.

Additionally, we can also provide the following support:

  • Email account creation and configuration
  • Assistance with site structure and content categorisation (an important but often overlooked aspect)
  • Conceive and write content
  • Source graphics